Level 2 + 3

Level 2 + 3

Do you embody the basics and feel ready to take the next step? Our Level 2 & 3 series are the place to be!

Starting from simple transitions that link the basic postures we will progressively build up towards more complex variations and flows. Our aim with these combined-level series is to welcome the wisdom of more experienced practicioners into our circle and encourage the common growth with the newest members of the acrofamily. During these 2.5h classes will give you enough variations to accomodate your lever and we will ensure a smooth transition from level 2 to 3. The first part (level 2) will use basic positions as tools to create small flows and start moving with ease and grace. The second will continue with exciting progressions and washing machines! It is possible to join only one of the levels or both.


✓  When
Level 2: 10.04, 17.04, 24.04, 8.05 (19h-21h30)
Level 3: 15.05, 22.05, 29.05, 5.06 (19h-21h30)

✓ Price
          Level 2 & 3: 175€, Level 3: 99€
   => Contact us for your reduction if you are repeating level 2 and 3 with us

✓ Location
          L'Atelier: Chaussée de Forest 83, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles