Level 3 Nov-Dec

On the menu for this edition is a full buffet of foot and hand to hand entries, transitions, flows, in a static or dynamic context. It is a topic that keeps us interested the past several years of our own practice. These positions require a lot of technique, precision, clarity in order to fell comfortable and easeful and this is where all the beauty lays for us. As flyers you will learn to grow your amount of commitment and stillness while developing the bodily awareness to hold a firm shape on a small supporting surface. As bases you will acquire efficiency in your alignment, stability and spaciousness in your points of contact, you will learn how to be subtle yet firm while providing balance.

Not a pro? Don't worry!

We will spend enough time breaking down these moves and will offer progressions from basic level to more advanced to accommodate the different levels.

What you need to be comfortable in flying or basing is: free star, shoulderstand (hands of flyer on base's forearms) and foot to foot.

It is advisable to specialise as flyer or base for this course

Dates: 12.11, 19.11, 26.11, 3.12, 10.12, 17.12 (18h30-20h)

Price: 99€

Registration: https://form.jotformeu.com/92632676401356