Flemish television: "Iedereen Beroemd" (NL & ENG)


NL: Christina en Bart leren mensen een andere vorm van yoga kennen. Elkaar vertrouwen is het belangrijkste doel in acroyoga.

ENG: Christina and Bart teach another form of yoga. Trust is most important in Acroyoga

Flanders today: Brussels couple introduces locals to acroyoga

While California beaches and London parks are filling up with acroyogis, Belgium is still new to the trendy practice that fuses yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. A Flemish-Greek teaching duo now give curious locals a chance to get a taste of the increasingly popular workout.

When entering the walk-in class led by Bart Adins and Christina Markouli in a large, lofty studio in the Sint-Gillis municipality of Brussels, I feel instantly welcome; the air is alive with chatter and laughter. After a short round of stretching, the circle ceremony – where all participants introduce themselves – serves as a bit of an icebreaker.


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Interview "coffee and vegan croissants"

AcroYoga. What? Yes my loves, AcroYoga is the new kid in the fitness world and it’s officially landed in Belgium! I headed down to Yyoga to meet with Bart who teaches AcroYoga with his girlfriend, Christina, who sadly couldn’t make it to the interview.

Guess what? I even had a go myself! To be honest, I was pretty much convinced that there was no way that Bart would be able to lift me up as I balanced on his feet, but he did!

It just looked so acrobatic and after the initial panic, I actually enjoyed the feeling of flight.

Make sure you watch the super cute video of Bart and Christina throwing some AcroYoga moves – couple goals anyone?

Rachida: What is AcroYoga?

Bart: AcroYoga is a combination of acrobatics with yoga brought together in an accessible way for most people. Whereas acrobatics is often really hardcore training and people think of crazy circus tricks, AcroYoga is a bit more adapted to different levels in a really broad and safe way.


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